Aquarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

The relationship thrives if room for independence is in place. If the relationship is so close it becomes smothering, it can throw a bucket of cold water on the fires of passion. A problem might arise if the Aquarian has issues with self-love or self-acceptance. When a person dislikes him or herself, they will find the same attributes annoying in another.

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Sometimes, where self-love is absent, the other partner can inspire self-acceptance. The person born under the Aquarius sign is also an Air Sign. This might confuse some when the person is born under the sign of the Water-bearer. The influence of the air sign aligns with the high intellect of the male and female Aquarian.

Those born under this air-ruled sign also love learning and independence. Under the influence of the air, the Aquarius and Aquarius pairing is spontaneous. The couple will express a shared love of learning, and a desire for excitement. Think what happens when air stops moving: It stagnates. The Aquarius pairing grows stale if it loses its action-oriented vibe. To ensure Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility, things need to stay fresh. Now think what happens to air if there is too much movement. Massive change and upheaval results if the parties become too flighty. If the Aquarian partners take things for granted, commitment is impossible.

Too much air influence in the relationship leads to communication difficulties. It also leads to scattered energies. Air sign people are brainy, so a focus is more on intellect and less on emotion. Weighing heavy on the side of intellect leads to complications. This is true if the situation calls for an emotional response versus one of intellect. Two Aquarians will need to learn to balance intellect with emotion. It will ensure everyone gets fair treatment.

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It will also diminish the likelihood of hurt feelings. He is a risk-taker and adventurer. He lives his life as if he is forever on the journey of the hero. His fearless attitude is appealing to the aloof Aquarius woman. She is one who demands a warrior attitude from her man. She expects him to fill a larger-than-life role of hero. Being a risk taker who enjoys new challenges, the Aquarius man has no trouble living up to the role. The Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is appealing to the male. But this is only true if he gets plenty of freedom.

The Aquarius man demands space. The freedom the Aquarius man needs includes the ability to spend his time as he chooses. It also includes total freedom of expression. It takes a long time for the male Aquarius to become interested in a committed relationship.

The taste of freedom will have him enjoying the dating scene. To the Aquarius Man, there are too many good flavors to rush the decision on one favorite. The love match between the Aquarius male and Aquarius woman is a process of evolution. Neither partner is in a rush for love or commitment. Love is not a concept the care-free Aquarius man embraces the moment he meets eyes with the Aquarian woman. Yes, the relationship is fun right from the start. Yes, there is some chemistry in the Aquarius and Aquarius love match. The intellectually-advanced Aquarius man will not have it any other way.

The male will find the Aquarius female mysterious and intriguing. She will have to appeal to him on an intellectual level. Time is always on the side of the man born under this Sun Sign.

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He enjoys taking his sweet time to learn everything he can about his female partner. The joy of discovery invokes a sense of ecstasy and enthusiasm in his being. He respects and honors friendships. He has no problem getting his emotional and sexual fulfillment from someone else.

This means the Aquarius Man endures several tests. The tests he completes she will not announce.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The grade he gets she will not share. Only she knows when he has passed and met her expectations. If he passes, she marks him as her hero and worthy of her queen-like presence. The female finds the Aquarius freedom-loving male unpredictable and fickle. Despite this, Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is high. The connection between the Aquarius Woman and the Aquarius Man is one born in the realm of intellect.

It is this intellect that tends to the passionate fires the two will find in the bedchamber. The Aquarius woman is social and intelligent. Her reliability is an attractive attribute for the Aquarius Man. He appreciates her steadfast loyalty when commitment reigns the relationship too. Both the Aquarius Woman and her partner will share a love of intellectual pursuits. They will also enjoy a shared interest in humanitarian endeavors. If they live together, their intellect will ensure a household grounded in wisdom.

But, the Aquarius Woman and her mirroring partner will need to work a bit in the romance area to keep the heat alive. The Aquarius Woman can meet and match the stubbornness of her male partner. But, the Aquarius and Aquarius relationship will thrive when both parties learn patience.

The Aquarius Man

A bit of flexibility goes a long way in this pairing. Under the influence of the air element, the Aquarius woman can be imaginative. She can also be flighty or a bit air-headed or absent-minded when the influence of air is out of balance. The same goes for the male partner. The two would do well to work on regular grounding exercises. Meditation can help in keeping the head clear and the memory sharp. The Aquarius woman is social and loves to spend time with her circle of friends.

She must ensure she affords the same freedoms to her partner. Aquarians are loyal yes, but not to a fault. The Aquarius women will need to balance the attention she doles out. When it comes to giving advice, the Aquarius Woman can dole it out.

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She considers herself smart enough to not need the opinion of others. This might be to her detriment. Doing so will strengthen the Aquarius and Aquarius match. The Aquarius and Aquarius relationship might seem like something destined for difficulties. Since both the Aquarius Man and Woman prefer independence, their pairing is surprising. It might seem strange that the two come together in a relationship. The natural opposition in the sign comes across as stubbornness and inflexibility.

They are also known to dislike change. But, the Aquarius and Aquarius pairing can conquer all obstacles set before them. They will need to show self-love before they can give all their love to a partner. It is through their love of life and common eccentricities they will find great strength.

The Aquarius and Aquarius pairing is far from perfect. But it is the imperfections keeping the excitement alive. The Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman are common kin with a connection as air children. Their connection through intellectual enjoyments and humanitarian efforts allow for a blossoming friendship. The ability to embrace in their partner what many cannot understand leads to love. The Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman connection is not something that happens a lot.

If they want to make the relationship work, it will succeed. It will also rival other relationships in longevity and strength. Working in unison, two Aquarians can have a promising future together.

Aquarius Woman – Aquarius Man

Aquarius to Aquarius compatibility intensifies when both partners buckle down. When working together, nothing can stop the Aquarius and Aquarius pairing from creating a lasting and meaningful relationship. Not only they will lose interest, but the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman will leave things the way they are, without any need to change something. None of them knows how to express themselves emotionally, which will make their relationships superficial. It is hard to get to a deeper emotional phase in this relationship, but nor the Aquarius man nor the Aquarius woman will cheat on each other, even though he is much more prone to being unfaithful.

This relationship has a much more significant aspect for the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman as friends. Yet, they will somehow oversee that, finding other quality within each other, which will make them last. Aquarius man has the inborn need to help the others, so he will help the Aquarius woman over everything. He will further make a surprise now and then to her partner so that he will be sure of his feelings and commitment.

You see, the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman enjoy their relationship, but there is no the needed excitement the Aquarius man especially needs. Either the Aquarius woman will be truly content with the course of the relationship. After some time spent together, the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman will fell apart. These zodiac signs rarely marry. On the other side, the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman will grow together, and that is the right point of their relationship.

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  6. Aquarius woman will respond in the same way. These two will join their forces and their intellects, so they can achieve goals together, even though the Aquarius woman likes it more when she does her own thing by herself. However, after some time of interesting, playful, and luscious situations in the bedroom, the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman might get bored of each other. It is not like they would want to be so, but as they will try out many things together, there will be nothing left to experience in this aspect.

    Yet, if the other aspects of these two are well positioned, the intimacy aspect will actually help them consolidate the relationship, transiting to the other phase. Aquarius man is a social butterfly, but the Aquarius woman is more closed up in comparison to him. Even though they are the same zodiac sign, the Aquarius man and woman are different in some ways.

    Still, these two understand each other so well in many aspects of life. He will appreciate her pride and her selective side, while she will see a great potential within him. Saturn and Uranus rule the Aquarius. Saturn makes the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman persistent and hard-working towards their goals and dreams. Uranus, on the other side, gives them those revolutionary and brilliant ideas. Aquarius man and woman are highly productive creatures, usually not understood by other people.

    They can be great friends or business partners, or both! Their restless and adventurous natures combine so well, that they will never get bored. Only an Aquarius can understand that type of humor, ideas, thought of the other Aquarius. That is why these two will achieve a high degree of friendship and mutual understanding. Aquarius man and women usually complain about many things in life, even though there is no obvious reason for that. Anyone else would run away from such personality, but the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman will stick to each other in this way, too.

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    This tells you that the Aquarius is a fixed sign, but despite the differences and eventual disagreements, the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman will admire each other deeply. Their romance went through tough and rocky times, but it seems that the destiny wanted them to be together. Things with these two never get boring — either negatively or positively. These two experienced a situation of domestic abuse, so the divorce was inevitable.