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Looking Back at a Past Cycle

Inner Musings. April April Videos. Astrology September October Words of Prosperity. Courses - Lessons. Clifford, Ray Grasse, Janette DeProsse, Sara Fisk, Linda Byrd, Linda Ferencik, and Ann Meigs for their own hard work in the endless effort of cranking out such a high quality magazine — and never missing a publication date, despite hell, high water, and Pluto transits. There has always been much to love about The Mountain Astrologer.

Evolutionary astrologers, Hellenists, Cosmobiologists, Uranian astrologers, Jyotish practitioners, Horary astrologers, astro-economists — all were welcome in the pages of TMA.

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I salute his great soul for bringing that living example of inclusiveness, generosity, and respect for diversity to us all. Perhaps more than any other figure in the landscape of current astrological practice, he embodied the notion of rising above our differences and affirming that we all live under one sky. But I also call it his challenge to us — a challenge to which we are still rising as a community. As synchronicity would have it, I am writing these words at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, where I am currently teaching a five-day class.

Omega is a dozen years older than The Mountain Astrologer, but it is cut from the same cloth. Like the magazine, it too is part of a quiet spiritual revolution that has transformed the world. They created a force of individual transformation that has endured — and will endure, just as The Mountain Astrologer will endure, long after the founders are gone.

Standing back even further, Omega and Mountain Astrologer metamorphose into individual stars in a far larger cultural galaxy. Conscious yoga, all the various emerging body-mind-spirit therapies, Buddhism coming to the west — they are all part of the same synchronistic wave. Atomic tests happened in the open air. The environment existed to be exploited, no questions asked.

It is hard to convey the magnitude of the awakening that has happened in the past half-century. My point is that, without Tem Tarriktar, this awakening would have been diminished.

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He played a part in it, and I salute him for that. I mean, I remember this guy when he was sleeping under a table, hiding from security. But over the years he has touched the lives of many thousands of people, myself included. He has offered countless human beings real hope and practical guidance in times of genuine personal darkness. No one could fully catalog his good works since most of them happened in total privacy — someone, perhaps someone on the edge of despair or worse, sat reading an article in TMA, and perhaps gaining life-saving perspective and some faith that there might just possibly be a future worth living.

The Astrology of Accidents

We can only surmise about these very private mysteries. But we know they are there. How could it be otherwise, given the quality of the magazine, its healing content, its many readers, and three decades of publication? Astrologically, Tem was Mr. Leo — a solar Leo with Leo rising and a Leo Moon. His Sun was just a degree and a half above the Ascendant, his Moon conjunct Pluto in the first house, along with a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in the first. He made no secret of his chart, so I feel free to speak of it here.

Last to get the memo

In deeper evolutionary terms, there is implicit in Leo a need to recover from an ancient trauma of rejection, or worse. I was pregnant at the time and my hormones were wilder than usual. Recalling Mars and Uranus, I kept reminding myself to slow down, be patient, drive cautiously, and bless the old ladies going forty in the fast lane while I was late for work. Mars and Uranus became the mad operators taking us to emotionally reckless and combative places.

The planets are audacious, alive, and infinitely creative.

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  5. Trying to predict their effects with precision is a questionable enterprise. It took me years to learn this simple truth about forecasting: the lens through which we look forward is not ground as fine as the one that looks back. The accuracy and elasticity of the planets make it easy to hunt down relevant archetypes and draw them into a compelling story.

    But the view through the future lens is blurry; these charts hold a broad potential of occurrences. This is good news. Fuzzy futures allow room for our participation. We can show up ready and aware. Like the ancients, we can make our offerings and petition the gods to be kind.

    On a quiet Sunday afternoon, a couple days after my challenging transits had passed, I was safely in a crosswalk heading across the street, when a distracted teenager in a lime Honda agent of Uranus? With what felt like the agility of an elephant, I narrowly lumbered out of his way. I like to think that rather than just bringing this near accident, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto had also pumped me with the adrenalin to leap away.

    A week later, I took my car to the mechanic. A Dutch study on accidents translates this into sun sign astrology.

    Tem Tarriktar on the Mountain Astrologer Magazine

    Sagittarius and Pisces followed, each with a traffic fatalities that year. The lowest were Libra and Capricorn, with 75 and 43 deaths respectively. Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are all capable of a high degree of arousal, of quick, enthusiastic, and ill-timed movement. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces all the mutables except Virgo are also easily distracted and can miss the needs of the moment. Libra is amiable and aware of others. Capricorn is cautious. Gary is a Gemini. The day before his appointment with me, his Toyota was hit by a sports car whose driver made a poorly timed left turn.

    His Virgo Moon was always squinting at life, convinced of raw deals and vague conspiracies, one of which was that something was wrong with his car. Occasionally when he hit the brakes, the car would suddenly and briefly accelerate. He was convinced this had caused a previous accident and had prevented him from stopping this one. Gary has a 12 th house Mars, which the Moon was transiting at the time of the accident.

    Mars in the 12 th can be a reluctant warrior, its confidence, motivation, and courage often buried or disconnected. It can emerge in ill-timed bursts, like the mysterious acceleration of his car. We began by talking about his 12 th house Mars. I asked him what happened when he got angry as a boy. I asked what he most enjoyed doing when he was a teenager and what projects currently excited him. The importance of his lawsuit fell away as we discovered the deeper and more important battles that he was being called to fight. Uranus transits can be frustrating and disruptive; they can also wake us up, propel us into motion, and spark our reengagement with life.

    Belinda is an Aries. Doing a little over 60 in the fast lane, she was driving her daughter to daycare before heading to work. Behind her, an impatient driver was indicating she should pull over to let him pass.